Carla Diez

It’s a completely new product. I’ve participated in clinical trials. We were about 100 people. I've really lost weight and the best of all is that I haven’t gained it back.


Carla, it's fantastic! I’ve also decided to lose weight this year! There is one thing I have not understood: even if I take Matcha Slim, do I have to follow a diet?

Carla Diez

Laura, in my clinical trial group there were people who used it without any diet, like me, and the results of all of them were excellent! Of course, I was promised that I would lose 15kg in a month, and I "just" lost 12.8kg, but I'm not complaining because I haven't been able to lose that much weight in a long time! I am very happy with the results! Of course, if you add diet and sports to the mix, you will get better results!

Maddalena Gomez

Girls, I read a lot about this product on the Internet. My husband and I really want to try it, we want to lose weight. We are so excited that we look forward to the start of sales...

Azumi Li

Carla, I have seen your comment and I would like to ask you something: How long have you been taking Matcha Slim?

Carla Diez

Marina, I was taking it for a month, but there are people in the group who were taking it for a longer time. The results were already visible 7 days after starting to use it. Here are my photos. I have lost weight, it shows.

Teresa Gomez

Girls, I want to share my results with you. I was in the same group as Carla. We had very good results. I am amazed at how effectively this product really helps. I am glad that I participated in the clinical trials. My life has changed for the better! Look, here are my results at the beginning and end of the experiment.

Maria Alonso

Wow, I want to order it now! I’ll be able to take the discount if I order it today!

Carmen Santos

I’ll order it too. The results are incredible! I would like to receive this product. I have seen that the number of units is limited because it has just come out in Uganda.

Felisa Marquez

Carmen, we are lucky! Even a discount! I’ll order it too! And for my mom, my grandmother and my friend who have been suffering from obesity for a long time and nothing helps them...

Laura Salas

Guys, I was also in the group that tried this product! It’s finally for sale in Uganda! You have no idea how happy I am: From XXL to S! And I love it! Here’s my result! Now, many of my friends want to ask for it for themselves and their relatives! I will order more units for myself!

Jose Ramirez

Girls, I'm hallucinating! Amazing results!

Masud Moya

Folks, I was also in the clinical trial group and I also lost weight! This product is perfect for me. I was fat and nobody loved me... Now I have a girlfriend. I lost weight quickly. Here are my photos!

Diego Ortiz

I'm going to order it right now! I am also overweight... Luckily, this product is also suitable for men.

Teresa Gonzalez

Unfortunately, I didn't win anything, I ordered Matcha Slim at full price with no discount. But I'm sure it will help me lose 15 pounds I hate so much! Good luck to all of you!